I’m in a prison that’s about two hundred years old All bones No soul No wonder why this place is so cool No hope in this place only despair Releases from here is rare This air is stale The tension is thick NO Shank I move with a black fist held high Black pride EvenContinue reading “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE”

Fatally Her Part 8

Fatally Her PT 8She was a sinner… She was a killer… She was a devil… She was Satan!She was upset! Vexed! This motha fucka just escaped death. She couldn’t sleep, she was tossing and turning in between her silk sheets. On her queen bed, she was spread. Frustrated… lucid dreams about how she missed theContinue reading “Fatally Her Part 8”

I Rise Still

Even after all of the transgression and oppressionAgainst people of my complexionStanding tall with a pen as my weaponI’m going down writing!!!I will not be silenced – By this system of recondite violence I Rise Still Through this concrete and steel, I will assure that my word isheardThroughout this worldMy pen will write, until IContinue reading “I Rise Still”