Fatally Her PT 10

The Chocolate Assassin was wrapped in a double breasted Brioni Suit. Blue. No hat just frames Ray Bands. Cigar smoke was his atmosphere. Big Pinky ring—Diamond bling dancing off the lights. A jazz band was blowing a note. His date’s ebony – brown was light. She had a supermodels’ taste. She was petite enough assContinue reading “Fatally Her PT 10”

For Your secrets

As pretty as a butterflySweet like honeyRed like a roseYou’re the outline of beauty goals Soft brown eyes, hot and wildDrives me wildOh your smile… dazzling like;Diamonds dancing off of light I can only continue the sequenceWhen you reveal your secretsFor now, I can only imagineStaring into your eyes Am I your typeMy silent language…Continue reading “For Your secrets”

4am In Atlantic City

4Am In A.C Just another love song, or just another crime wave? Emotions, Sex, cash, guns, love, and death. For me, it was for the love of the heist. For her, it was for the love of the ice. “I love you, but I love diamonds more.” Her voice. I respected her position money overContinue reading “4am In Atlantic City”

Emotionally So

The breeze blew into the bedroom through the balcony door. There he stood, fifteen stories above the city. He was looking over the city it was a beautiful night. Yet, a storm was brewing in the bedroom. Tears were running down his wife’s face, and she was screaming “I can’t believe you!” “It wasn’t me!”Continue reading “Emotionally So”

Mississippi GodDam!!!

Political captive from the motherland… Shipped to Virginia. I ran and got hound! Mississippi GodDam!… Nina Simone!.. They shot off my Pharaoh’s nose, Stole Cleopatra’s throne. Wisconsin GodDam! They shot me in my motha fuckin’ back! Where’s the justice at!? Ain’t no help for a nigga like myself. Shackled, whipped, and hung! Where’s my gun?Continue reading “Mississippi GodDam!!!”

Fatally Her PT 6…

Moneybag Moneybag Moneybag Moneybag Moneybag! That’s all that she was about that Moneybag. Big Moneybag Georgio Armani Bag, Chanel Bag, Jimmy Choo Bag, Yves Saint Laurent Bag! Moneybag, Moneybag! Tom Ford Bag, Akris Bag! She was chasing the Moneybag sporting a Louis Vuitton Bag. Her appearance was all cash, pink Hermes straw hat, coral redContinue reading “Fatally Her PT 6…”