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For Your secrets

As pretty as a butterflySweet like honeyRed like a roseYou’re the outline of beauty goals Soft brown eyes, hot and wildDrives me wildOh your smile… dazzling like;Diamonds dancing off of light I can only continue the sequenceWhen you reveal your secretsFor now, I can only imagineStaring into your eyes Am I your typeMy silent language…Continue reading “For Your secrets”

Devil Deva

Closed my eyes and I saw an Angel; Hourglass figure Her body was see through. She had wings too… Brown skin, but her eyes were light blue. She was the Devil! Castaway from the pearly gates sent to be my date, only when my eyes were closed. I called her Rose, because she was aContinue reading “Devil Deva”

Still No You

Lost in a reverie of years long gone…There you were…Flowing, lilting and litheSeeming ubiquitous, transcendental, blowingin the breezeThere you were… titillating my visionyour beauty, unending, rapturing, amaranthineYou were mine!..There you were, and here I amWhere are you?I open my eyes and still no youHere I am yearning for you, I’m missing you Lost in aContinue reading “Still No You”

What Happened?!?!?

I got a chip on my shoulder,the size of the Golden Nugget…In A.C.!Fuck the judge…I’m going get free!Like a bird.Word to Slim, Mike, Steph, Freaky,and Scrillz…Death is real!This cell is realler!Countdown ’til my deathOne hundred and thirty years…who’s left?Not a soul!When I go,wrap me in a sheet,scribbled with my word,My shit is deep!Deeper than thisContinue reading “What Happened?!?!?”

I am

I AmWith those whom I am housed, I do not love.With those who keep me guard, I have no quarrel.For those who serve me unjust, I do not hate.Though I long for freedom this cell maybe my fate!A traveling man with no destination, my luggage is the world’s weight.Though I sin, am I not human?MadeContinue reading “I am”

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