Why Write

Why write To channel my mite Take over the world I might Interfere with political heads A conservative Dread I shine bright I write To express my right 1st and second amendment nigga Never hesitate I trigger Intelligence A Gangsta’s temperament Pardon the rhetoric I fight With the pen Squeeze it ‘til the light’s myContinue reading “Why Write”

I Rise Still

Even after all of the transgression and oppressionAgainst people of my complexionStanding tall with a pen as my weaponI’m going down writing!!!I will not be silenced – By this system of recondite violence I Rise Still Through this concrete and steel, I will assure that my word isheardThroughout this worldMy pen will write, until IContinue reading “I Rise Still”

“Chemistry – Actuality”

An artistic sensibility A sexual energy She was beautiful infinity No vulnerability Filled with humility She swayed independently He yearned for the possibility For he and her to build a chemistry For her he had a natural affinity He flowed promiscuously He moved with such a pomposity He studied her philosophically She curbed him vehementlyContinue reading ““Chemistry – Actuality””

I Cry When I Sleep

I didn’t know you can cry in ya’ sleepTill I woke up with tears in my eyesWhat the fuck is going on?Real niggas don’t cryTake this shit like a man…Head up … Chest out…!I’m a man!But still, I woke with tears in my eyesI thought that after all the bullshitI’ve been throughI could no longerContinue reading “I Cry When I Sleep”


Everyone take a kneeThe black national anthem plays in the backgroundLift Every voice…They did it again…Knee in his neck, This a modern day lynching!We can’t win,We suffocating in discrimination,Protesting, and demonstrating.Black skin, approached by the police leads to death, or prison…It seems like we ain’t gaining nothing,They did it again!!!A nigga can’t breathe in thisContinue reading “I CAN’T BREATHE!!”