I’m in a prison that’s about two hundred years old All bones No soul No wonder why this place is so cool No hope in this place only despair Releases from here is rare This air is stale The tension is thick NO Shank I move with a black fist held high Black pride EvenContinue reading “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE”

Mississippi GodDam!!!

Political captive from the motherland… Shipped to Virginia. I ran and got hound! Mississippi GodDam!… Nina Simone!.. They shot off my Pharaoh’s nose, Stole Cleopatra’s throne. Wisconsin GodDam! They shot me in my motha fuckin’ back! Where’s the justice at!? Ain’t no help for a nigga like myself. Shackled, whipped, and hung! Where’s my gun?Continue reading “Mississippi GodDam!!!”