Beautiful, Beautiful,She was sexy and beautiful.Beautiful, so beautiful. Her ebony skin was brown skin.Her eyes were light brown, her eyes accentuated her complexion; Her brown skin, aroused sexual desire in men.Her sexual orientation was men; preferably, men with brown skin.Her ebony brown skinned complexion was blemishless.Her brown skin flowed like silk, smooth and easy.Her brownContinue reading “FATALLY HER PT5”


…He was wondering if he should have her tossed in a river. “I’ll really have you end up missing” Put her head on a pike give his baby mom a death sentence.Through all of the betrayal, deceit, and disrespectfulness, murdering his wife wasn’t the question. “Fuck it leave bitch get the stepping!” He snarled “BitchContinue reading “…FATALLY HER PT4”


Fatally Her PT4Until death do us part.That’s what she said that’s what she said all of those years ago, now she was leaving their house.He wasn’t dead, he wasn’t dead yet.“What’s the problem?” He asked. “How could you forget our vows?”“I didn’t forget them… I just never meant them!” Her words cut him deep. SheContinue reading “FATALLY HER PT4”


Inbox    Prev     Next  Back from hell dipped in fire water…Ugh!She was blazing gorgeous. She was a bad bitch!Breathing fire, dripping Prada, burning desire.She was the devil in Gucci, a cursed spell in Loui.She killed with heels, her bottoms were dead. Stiletto all in his head.Now, it was time to collect the bag…“It’ll be easy.” At least,Continue reading “FATALLY HER PT3”


He was CIA.Her nickname was DOA, cause when she left it was always DOA.He even smelt like a cop. She caught a whiff of the old spice. His sent lingered in the air as he passed by.She sat watching him with stealth. He didn’t notice her, but she noticed him, watching him through Prada lensSheContinue reading “FATALLY HER PT2”