This is the story of the blind man and the seeing man

The blind man couldn’t see of course. But he could walk And the seeing man couldn’t walk of course But he could talk The blind man was the seeing man’s legs They were performers and the bank was their stage The seeing man was the blind man’s vision he did the guiding and instructing whileContinue reading “This is the story of the blind man and the seeing man”

4am In Atlantic City

4Am In A.C Just another love song, or just another crime wave? Emotions, Sex, cash, guns, love, and death. For me, it was for the love of the heist. For her, it was for the love of the ice. “I love you, but I love diamonds more.” Her voice. I respected her position money overContinue reading “4am In Atlantic City”

Emotionally So

The breeze blew into the bedroom through the balcony door. There he stood, fifteen stories above the city. He was looking over the city it was a beautiful night. Yet, a storm was brewing in the bedroom. Tears were running down his wife’s face, and she was screaming “I can’t believe you!” “It wasn’t me!”Continue reading “Emotionally So”