Fatally Her Pt1

He was soft on her, he flipped the switch and turned from a gangsta to a gentleman on her.The look on her. OMG! the look on her.Sultry and seductive. low key siren, lady heroine type.Her beauty mesmerized him while her mellifluous voice held him in a trance.Dolce and Gabana lens’ hid her eyes. Her eyesContinue reading “Fatally Her Pt1”

Fatally Her PT 6…

Moneybag Moneybag Moneybag Moneybag Moneybag! That’s all that she was about that Moneybag. Big Moneybag Georgio Armani Bag, Chanel Bag, Jimmy Choo Bag, Yves Saint Laurent Bag! Moneybag, Moneybag! Tom Ford Bag, Akris Bag! She was chasing the Moneybag sporting a Louis Vuitton Bag. Her appearance was all cash, pink Hermes straw hat, coral redContinue reading “Fatally Her PT 6…”


Inbox    Prev     Next  Back from hell dipped in fire water…Ugh!She was blazing gorgeous. She was a bad bitch!Breathing fire, dripping Prada, burning desire.She was the devil in Gucci, a cursed spell in Loui.She killed with heels, her bottoms were dead. Stiletto all in his head.Now, it was time to collect the bag…“It’ll be easy.” At least,Continue reading “FATALLY HER PT3”


He was CIA.Her nickname was DOA, cause when she left it was always DOA.He even smelt like a cop. She caught a whiff of the old spice. His sent lingered in the air as he passed by.She sat watching him with stealth. He didn’t notice her, but she noticed him, watching him through Prada lensSheContinue reading “FATALLY HER PT2”