What are your favorite sports to watch and play?

I was born a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I grew up in the ’90s where the average kid my age was either a Dallas Cowboys fan or a 49ers fan. It was a hard time growing up repping the birds. Where Randal Cunningham left the team and a winning season was hard to come by. It was especially hard when Dallas was winning like a mother fucker. However, I stayed true. I knew unlike my friends that the Eagles would one day received the glory. But when?

“The Eagles will never win a super bowl!” My cousin would say. “Yes we would!” I would respond. Sure but not so Sure because Koy, Troy and Ray Rhodes were not getting the job done. The preteen me would sit in front of my mom’s floor model TV and cry as we lost game after game. When, will the losing stop? I often wondered.

Then with the second pick in the 1999 draft the Eagles selected Donovan McNabb. Hold up, why did these idiots select McNabb, when everyone expected them to select Ricky Williams the running back. Everyone thought McNabb would be a bust. Well they turned out to be wrong. And McNabb panned out.

The Eagles began to win games. And not just games but, we had winning seasons. ’01, ’02, ’03 all led to NFC championship appearances. I knew a super bowl was on the precipice and the victory will be mine. I couldn’t wait to throw it in my cousin’s face.

It was Superbowl XXXIX, and and the Philadelphia Eagles were there. 19 years and coming, finally I would get a ring. All that we had to do was beat the great Tom Brady. McNabb threw it up literally. So no Superbowl. At least not that year. Nor, the next year and not the next. And my cousin’s voice rang in my ear, “The Eagles will never get a Superbowl.”

True to my fandom I stayed down. Michael Vick came we won games but not the dance. More laughs from my friends and more losing seasons. And still no ring. Then with the number two pick of the 2016 draft the eagle selected Carson Wentz.

Carson Wentz along with Coach Doug Peterson led the Eagles back to the Great dance however in the process Wentz went down. And I couldn’t help but wonder, would we win the super bowl? Our back up was an experienced veteran, Nick Foles. Could Foles get the job done? And yes he could. In 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Superbowl. And I experienced the joy of finally having a ring. In the words of the great Ric Flair “Woo!”

Now the Cowboys fans’ argument is, Dallas has more rings than the Eagles. They make this argument even though they haven’t been to the great dance in over 25 years. Ok cool. The Eagles, coach Sirianni and the great Jaylen Hurts are on their way to another ring. Will they get it done? The fan in me says, hell yeah and go Eagles! This is a lesson to myself and others, for staying down, and staying true and seeing a dream come true. #goeagles

Published by korymcclary1221

My name is Kory McClary, I am 34 years old. I am currently serving a lengthy sentence at the New Jersey State prison in Trenton, New Jersey. I am fighting for my freedom so that I may return to my family and loved ones. Yet, I know that it is a long, tough, and bitter battle to achieve that goal. But, with the grace of God Almighty, and for the sake of my family, I will fight on. I am using this blog as a medium to enhance my voice and to bring awareness to my unfair condition leading out of my unjust conviction. While spending almost all of my time in a cell, I chose to write so that I may voice the reality of my situation, because without awareness there can never be Justice...! To escape the harsh reality of prison, I use the pen to release my frustrations. I use the pen to manifest my imagination. And, most of all, I use the pen to Fight. I am fighting for my Life! Just by reading Kory McClary's Blog, you are giving my plight and my word's a voice. Thank you. Please, stay tuned...

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