Fatally Her PT 10

The Chocolate Assassin was wrapped in a double breasted Brioni Suit. Blue. No hat just frames Ray Bands. Cigar smoke was his atmosphere. Big Pinky ring—Diamond bling dancing off the lights.

A jazz band was blowing a note.

His date’s ebony – brown was light. She had a supermodels’ taste. She was petite enough ass for him to grab. Her eyes were round and brown. She was captivated by his mellifluous gangsta sound. She was smiling in his dark face.

The martini she sipped, the olive she licked, seducing him with her tung.

He was drinking straight shots of Jamaican Rum mixed with whiskey. He couldn’t wait to see her naked… After the show, he and her would blow through the London fog. He would bust her in his Phantom. She wasn’t privy to his secret ambitions of being interested in women, only so that he could kill them. And he knew who her secret lover was…
After he sucked her, he would give her the ultimate ultimatum: put the gun to her head, ‘’Tell me where he lives… And I’ll allow you to live.’’

She would scream, then ultimately give up the tapes. Then he would kill her. Blood and heart matter in the Phantom’s guts.

She was grabbing on his nuts unawares… he was sensually rubbing on her butt. The devil in his eyes. She whispered in his ear, ‘’let’s slide.’’ Coincidentally he felt a double glance out the corner of his eye.

Of course it was her. Her who murdered so efficiently. She was with her date, He had no energy, no style, no presence about himself, no game, over his words he was fumbling. They were in London. Art show. He believed that she was a high class ho’.

Prostitute? ‘’Ha!’’ She mocked.

Cheap scoundrel, he was in a men’s warehouse suit. She adjusted his tie, and told him ‘’You’re so cute.’’ Boosting his ego and confidence before she dropped a pill in his swill.

Her apparel was Armani: silk blouse, skirt, heels , and lens. She was splendid, blinding, exquisite, her catwalk was pulling the attention of the other gentlemen.

This Weirdo’s price tag was a million! She would kill him and not fuck him! His smell was disgusting, his appearance indignant, ‘’ill!’’ he was unworthy of her presence. She would’ve killed him for free.

It was her beauty that made him want to poses her forever. She was seductive and attentive she hung on to every word of his sentences. In her presence, he was having a ‘’She loves me… She loves me not?’’ moment. Because she made him believe that she loved him. The way that she whispered in his ear, and the way that she held his hand, sent love waves through his heart.

He was a billionaire. With a temperament such as hers, he would turn her into a hundred millionaire overnight. Divorce his wife, then give the Prostitute with no name a substantial amount.

She passed him a glass of champagne. ‘’A toast to death!’’ She said while raising the glass. She stared into his eyes, wondering if his soul knew that it was about to die? On time, his eyes grew wide with terror and he began clutching his chest.

As she was whispering ‘’Femme Fatale’’, a familiar silhouette appeared in her peripheral sphere. Instinctively she glanced to the left then glanced again. It was him!.. the Chocolate Assassin romancing a gal.

She gripped her gun bag, and as the weirdo died, she glided in the direction of chocolate man. Such a heartbreak, he was charming the gal who in turn was gripping the Chocolate Assassin’s nuts. All of a sudden the band took a bow… The crowd stood clapping. She pushed through looking around. ‘’He’s gone!’’ She lost sight of The Chocolate Assassin.

Sitting in his Phantom the Chocolate Assassin was laughing. The pretty lady made a rookie move she glanced twice than moved. He was on point so he played it cool. When the fans of the band stood, he grabbed the hand of his date and slid off smooth.

The pretty lady almost made him. ‘’Ha ha!’’ he laughed again. She was so alarming.

The brown skinned beauty whispered something in his ear that reminded him of how the pretty lady nibbled on his ear. The Chocolate Assassin opened his eyes and shot brown skinned in between the eyes. He sat back in the Phantom longing for the day when he made the pretty lady his…

Published by korymcclary1221

My name is Kory McClary, I am 34 years old. I am currently serving a lengthy sentence at the New Jersey State prison in Trenton, New Jersey. I am fighting for my freedom so that I may return to my family and loved ones. Yet, I know that it is a long, tough, and bitter battle to achieve that goal. But, with the grace of God Almighty, and for the sake of my family, I will fight on. I am using this blog as a medium to enhance my voice and to bring awareness to my unfair condition leading out of my unjust conviction. While spending almost all of my time in a cell, I chose to write so that I may voice the reality of my situation, because without awareness there can never be Justice...! To escape the harsh reality of prison, I use the pen to release my frustrations. I use the pen to manifest my imagination. And, most of all, I use the pen to Fight. I am fighting for my Life! Just by reading Kory McClary's Blog, you are giving my plight and my word's a voice. Thank you. Please, stay tuned...

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