For Freedom

Stuck in this cage my rage is deep
A visceral grief
My mind is goin’ in and out… I can’t see shit!
Four walls, center blocks make up this cell box
That holds me trapped
I pace the concrete floor back and forth
This cell is windowless, it’s dark!
At night I hear voices. They’re whispering
Telling me, just do it
Do what?
This is my reality
The devil is talking to me
My celly is Lucifer himself, and his deception is deep
One hundred thirty years… give it up kid
A suggestion for the week hearted
I’m a lion at heart
The devil will never shake my fate
Will strong, mind right, assiduously I fight
Pen toting, Book reading, I’m praying Lord Forgive me

Long road – I’m traveling in place
Same pace as yesterday
Same scenery as yesterday
The years are blowing away
I’m thirty five
When I arrived, I was Twenty-two
That seems like yesterday
My sight is deteriorating, I can’t see past my nose
This cold cell has me froze…
In place
The devil tells me to Blow
So I blow., A temporary escape from this life of mine
In my bag I write
My pen stroke is deep…
The courts don’t feel me
Fuck ‘Em!
Racist motha fuckas
I don’t feel them! I feel freedom!
I’m trying to reach the world!
So through these bars I yell
Through these bars I write
No matter the way
I will assure that my word is heard

Available for purchase May 14,2023

Published by korymcclary1221

My name is Kory McClary, I am 34 years old. I am currently serving a lengthy sentence at the New Jersey State prison in Trenton, New Jersey. I am fighting for my freedom so that I may return to my family and loved ones. Yet, I know that it is a long, tough, and bitter battle to achieve that goal. But, with the grace of God Almighty, and for the sake of my family, I will fight on. I am using this blog as a medium to enhance my voice and to bring awareness to my unfair condition leading out of my unjust conviction. While spending almost all of my time in a cell, I chose to write so that I may voice the reality of my situation, because without awareness there can never be Justice...! To escape the harsh reality of prison, I use the pen to release my frustrations. I use the pen to manifest my imagination. And, most of all, I use the pen to Fight. I am fighting for my Life! Just by reading Kory McClary's Blog, you are giving my plight and my word's a voice. Thank you. Please, stay tuned...

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