Like a Rock star sporting the most tented frames, the emblem on the side was a ‘’KB’’. Button up silk shirt, I left three buttons loose. Top of the pecks on display… my bitches love it this way.

Seldom, but no hat. Hair on rough. Hey, I love it this way. My shirt was tucked into my jeans. My belt buckle was heavy, cowboy like, it was the Findi type. My diamonds were on array, dancing off of the lights. My index finger was glowing similar to ET’s.

‘’I wanna go home with you sexy.’’ I had no clue of her name, or from where she came, but her beauty was immense, the flicker in her eyes was intense, her two step and her twirl had me spent, in the club, on the middle of the dancefloor we were lit.

I was wondering from who she was sent? An angel from above? A Queen from the Nile? Or a bitch from behind enemy lines?

‘’What’s your name?’’ I asked as she swayed her hips in front of my dick.



‘’Yes Swirl… I’m the girl who tells you to close your eyes…’’

I did

‘’Take your hands in mine, spin, twist, then twirl.’’

I opened my eyes and, ‘’Huuh!’’ We were in a different part of the world. Instead of the club we were under the sun in?.. ‘’Where are we?’’ I asked.


No way—we couldn’t be. I looked around and the scenery was butterflies in the springtime. I was impressed. ‘’My, my, my, is this real or fake?’’ I asked the girl named Swirl.

She spun around, her sundress blew in the breeze. ‘’If I may say so myself, there’s no one better than me.’’

Her teeth were a dazzling bright, her eyes were a light hazel swirl. Off hand I couldn’t tell her ethnicity. Black, white, Maybe?

‘’I’m black’’ She said as if she read my mind.

She was beautiful, her body was curved up, she was of model height, and her melody was out of sight. Her dreadlocks were falling all over her.

What was the purpose of her? Lover, angel, devil, succubus, vampire? She was mythical. My feelings were inexplicable: run, hide, stay? This shit was weird. But I was intrigued by her. ‘’Why did you bring me here?’’ I asked staring into her swirls.

‘’Your energy craved Fiji.’’

Yeah, I was the Fiji type. My métier was traveling to distance sands and sexing on beautiful women in foreign lands.

‘’Your eyes tell me that you wanna taste my swirl.’’ She said.

Her ebony was vanilla. I mean… like… vanilla bean. I kissed her dimples, trailed my tong around her nipples. Her Brest’s swirls were hypnotizing. The scent that emanated from her lower lips was reminiscent of honey and vanilla. Her ice cream was ablaze—and she dripped on my tong.

‘’Umm!’’ I moaned. Her juices were intoxicating. I was inebriated… drunk off of her. I hit her chord with my tong and she sung a melody so pleasantly ‘’Ooo lA lA lA’’ like Teena Marie. I was rock hard like a rock star, tasting a beauty that I’ve only known for a twirl.

I whispered her name, ‘’Swirl’’ and she exploded! Not your proverbial scintillation, her sparks were fire works. ‘’I made fire shoot out of that pussy.’’ I said. Fixing to insert myself in between Swirl’s legs. As my dick began to part her lips, Swirl pressed her hand against my belly.

‘’I don’t think I’m ready… to do this.’’ She said.

‘’Huh?’’ I was confused, was she trying to play me for a fool after I sucked her?

‘’I’m not ready to do this because…’’ She continued. Her mellifluous sound was spinning me around. ‘’See I’m a virgin and I never experienced a dick before.’’ She smiled, ‘’However, I’ll suck yours.’’

I smiled back. It seemed as if she was ready to live a rock star’s kind of life. And I was rock hard like a rock star, and she sucked it all.

We fell a sleep in a field under the sun in Fiji but woke up under the moon in Juneau. It was cold. Snow and ice. I wandered why Alaska? And again it seemed as if she could read my mind because on time she said, ‘’When we slept under the Fiji sun, you became so hot – I mean red hot…’’ Her eyes blazed a fire swirl, ‘’you were so hot that you burned me.’’

I believed her.

‘’So I decided to cool you off here in Alaska.’’ She twirled, ‘’isn’t it beautiful?’’

It was so beautiful. I never saw a night as dark, a moon as bright, or snow so white.

Swirl was in a fur that was big and all white, wolf like. Her fur fit her as if it belonged to her. My fur was on me tight, it was all black, and wolf like. It hugged me. In fact I couldn’t tell the fur apart from my skin.

We moved through the snow on all fours, smooth -criminal, and stalkish like. It was frigid, but I was cool. This shit was wicked! My image reflected off of Swirl’s wolf white. I loved the all black fured up look. My wolf demeanor was, ‘’Grrr!’’ Swirl’s wolf beauty was amazing! We were on some shit, mission like. I wondered aloud ‘’What’s this about?’’

‘’There’s an Eskimo here who owes me big, and he has an army. So, together were going to huff and puff and burn their igloos down!’’ Her fangs glistened. ‘’Are you with me?’’

‘’Grrr!’’ was my yes. For Swirl, I would burn the world. It was odd because I’ve only known her for a twirl, but it seemed like I’ve known her for years. Me and love never mixed it wasn’t Rock star like… But Swirl?.. I would make her my wife.

Of course she read my mind, ‘’Complete this mission then we’ll discuss marriage.’’

‘’Grrr!’’ was my excitement.

Upon our arrival, an army of Eskimos harpooned up. Their leader came forward, ‘’Now Swirl, we’ve discussed your coming here…’’ The Eskimo spoke. ‘’And I told you…’’ There was a long pause, as he stared at Swirl, ‘’If you ever showed up on my ice again I would twirl your ass around!’’ He banged his harpoon on the ice!

‘’Grrr!’’ I growled. Who was he to think that he could speak to my Swirl in that manner. My fangs were on display, I was ready to eat an Eskimo.

‘’See my little Inuit, my lover here is full of fire.’’ Was she talking about me? ‘’And when I give him the signal he’s gonna huff and then puff and melt your igloos down!’’

Was I capable of melting these Eskimos’ igloos down? I felt like fire and the energy coming off of the Eskimos gave me the impression that they wanted to be heated up!

‘’So I’m going to ask, do you have what you owe me?’’ Swirl asked. Her eyes holding fire and swirls.

The little Eskimo turned and spoke to his army of about fifty, in his Eskimoian language. The army aimed their harpoons at us. He returned his attention to us. His eyes shifted in to an ice cold blue, and frozen horns rose out of his skull. ‘’I don’t owe you shit!’’ He mooed.

And with that said, I huffed then I puffed a fireball out if my mouth. The fireball shot through the air with the force of a fireball, narrowly missing the head of the Eskimo, and blew up an igloo. Fire and ice filled the air. A cold cloud of peril.

Harpoons began firing off. A spear grazed my fur, ‘’Grrr!’’ Swirl stood there beautifully blending with the snow. With the powers she vested in me, I was melting shit. Their ice was under my siege.

But, the head Eskimo where was he? I glanced over the burning village. I spotted him dashing behind an igloo, my fire blew it up. ‘’Grrr’’ I growled, stalking the Eskimo into a corner.

I was hot, I mean so hot that my fur was aflame. ‘’Grrr!’’ I growled from the heat.

The little Inuit backed himself further into the corner, swept snow from under his foot, and bent his head bull like. His horns were shaped in the form of icicles, and he blew snow out of his snout. ‘’ Before I kill you…’’ he started. ‘’let me tell you about Swirl.’’

‘’Grrr!’’ My blood was boiling. Who was he to tell me about Swirl? I knew Swirl. For we were arranged to be married after I melted the Eskimo. And what I didn’t know, I would learn once we blew this spot for a different part of the world.

The Eskimo in his bull form was ready to charge. Looking me in my eyes he confessed, ‘’I used to love Swirl, I loved her in Spain, I loved her in Rome, I killed for Swirl on each continent of the world seven times over… It was love and murder…’’ A tear dropped from the Eskimo’s eye, ‘’until in Egypt, she switched up and snaked me.’’

‘’Burn him!’’ Swirl commanded.

I huffed a cloud of smoke, I inhaled then I puffed a speeding fireball in his direction, he dodged it, and rushed at me with the force of a bull. I spit two more fire balls, the Eskimo–bull slipped one and crashed through the other. Icicles shot out of his snout flying past me, as I sped towards him.

The wolf me and the Eskimo bull leapt, clashed, and locked in the air. His horns ripped at my fur, ‘’Grrr!’’ My fangs sliced at his hide, ‘’Moo!’’ We fell, tumbled, and rumbled in the snow. It was live! A shootout on ice.

From his snout the Eskimo blew more ice. I melted it.

Swirl in her white wolf fur watched from afar, her eyes aswirl summoning me to melt the Eskimo’s world.

I was hot, I mean so hot that I fizzled, my fur stood up, I sizzled, smoke seeped through my pores, ‘’Grrr!’’ then with all of my might I puffed a fireball so fierce and fiery that it smacked the Eskimo and melted him. ‘’Grrr!’’ A murder on ice.

‘’That was rock star like.’’ Said Swirl in my ear, as I examined my art of destruction: Fire, melting snow and shards of ice. Was this true, was I capable of this?

‘’It was all you… isn’t it beautiful?’’ Swirl was always in my head, she stayed on my mind and I on hers because she always knew when I was ready to spin the world.

‘’Look me in my eyes, and why my eyes swirl, let me know where it is that you would want to go in this world.’’ Her spell.

We spun, we twirled and an instant we were in my home. 4 AM in AC., penthouse suite. I was somehow back to being me, brown skin, and in between my own sheets, and Swirl was in my kitchen cooking for me.

Was this the life of a rock star: sun soak, wolf fur up, melt shit, then twirl around the world, come home and be fed by a girl name Swirl?

‘’Yes!’’ Swirl answered my thoughts, ‘’it’s definitely rock star like, and appropriate for you to live this kind of life.’’ She sat a tray full of food on my lap, peaches, grapes and pancakes with a cinnamon swirl.

Swirl cuddled against me and began feeding me grapes. ‘’Fire and ice should be our moniker.’’

‘’Word!’’ I agreed. It sounded Rock star like; fire and desire. I melted shit and she swirled shit. I was Blaq and she was my ice cream French vanilla Swirl.

Swirl whispered in my ear, ‘’Let me tell you a secret untold.’’

‘’And what’s that?’’ I asked.

‘’If I tell you, you’re stuck with me.’’ Her eyes swirled, lasciviously, mischievously, she grinned seriously.

I laughed believingly. ‘’I have a secret also.’’

‘’Impart your secrets upon me.’’

‘’If I tell you you’re mine forever.’’ I laughed rock star like. My secrets were the rock star type, fucking bitches and killing niggas for the bag. I looked Swirl in her eyes, ‘’I never loved before, and that’s my secret. Will you keep it?’’

‘’I’ll keep it close to my heart.’’ She said resting her head on my chest.

Its been a spin, a murder on ice and a whirl and I still hadn’t felt her swirl. She only sucked my dick and let me fuck her tits. Why wasn’t she ready to feel this dick?

‘’That’s my secret.’’ Swirl said reading my thoughts. Her frown was deep.

‘’Impart your secrets upon me.’’ I said ready to bare Swirl’s world.

‘’Look me in my eyes and tell me that you’ll never betray my trust.’’

I looked her in her swirls and I could see her soul. And I’m pretty sure that she could feel my loyalty because she whispered in my ear and commenced to telling me her story untold. A story so long and cold that my blood began to boil, steam was seeping through my pores and my eyes were afire.

‘’Cool off my love,’’ Swirl said touching my head. ‘’You’ll make him pay for what he’s done… won’t you?’’

I couldn’t wait to make him pay for the scar that he placed on Swirl. She kissed my head. Her cool kisses soothed me, her warm caress cooled me. I was falling in love with Swirl, was this the end of me?
Swirl put me in the mood to kiss her vanilla swirl. She kissed me passionately. Staring in her eyes I’ve never been more alive.

Swirl grabbed my dick, put it in her mouth, and twirled her tong around the tip over and over. She had me spun. ‘’What would you do for this pussy?’’ She asked.

‘’Anything!’’ I moaned, and shot off in her mouth.

‘’Well let’s see.’’

I blinked my eyes and in a twinkle we were somewhere where there was snow…just a sprinkle. This place appeared desolate, vacant and cold like nobody was home. I was in my wolf fur, Swirl was in her fur, we were wolfed up.

I was itching to huff and puff and burn this place down. But there was not a soul in sight, only abandoned homes, snow and ice. ‘’He’s hid in one of those abandoned homes.’’ Said Swirl.

‘’Where are we?’’ I asked.

‘’Mother Russia.’’

Now where was the motha fucka who caused my Swirl so much pain? I wondered as we prowled through the ruins. My wolf senses were on go – I was ready to eat! ‘’Grrr!’’

‘’Be careful he’s liable to be cloaked with the snow… he’s the polar bear type.” Swirl Warned.

Suddenly, there was a slight rumble, a Russian’s chuckle, then he appeared as if from nowhere. ‘’My Swirl,’’ Said the Russian. His accent was heavy. He was swathed in a polar bear’s fur. He was big. I mean huge! He was eight foot tall. The polar bear’s skull set atop the Russian’s head, making him appear larger than he actually was. The polar bear’s fur gripped him so tight that the Russian’s muscles were protruding.

Protectively I growled, ‘’Grrr!’’

‘’I see you got your self a black wolf…’’ Said the Russian.

Swirl laughed, ‘’yes I do, he’s full of fire,’’ She patted my head. ‘’and he’s hear to avenge me.’’

The Russian frowned. ‘’Avenge?’’ He asked seeming confused ‘’What did I do to you? I’m the one who should be seeking revenge, you left me for a stinking…’’

‘’Burn him!’’ Swirl commanded, interrupting the Russian mid sentence.

I wanted to hear his tale, but Swirl gave an order.

‘’Grrr!’’ My fur stood up, my fangs were on display, my eyes held fire, I was hot I mean so hot that smoke was piping out of my mouth. I huffed a cloud of smoke, then I puffed and blew an errant fireball out of my mouth. The fireball blew up a vacant building. Boom! A cloud of bricks and glass.

The Russian, polar beared up, metamorphosis. Becoming one with the fur. Instead of standing on all fours he stood on his hind legs, making him even taller than before. ‘’Roawr!’’ He roared, the empty place rattled and echoed.

I shot another fireball, and charged closing the distance while shooting a barrage of fireballs, they were all missing. The Russian polar bear was huge but nimble, dodging my fire.

I leaped towards his neck my fangs ripping at his throat. While suspended in the air the Russian with the force of a polar bear slapped me through one of the empty buildings. ‘’Grrr!’’ I growled as I recovered aplomb.

The polar bear crashed through the building after me. I shot three fireballs at him they missed. I rushed and clawed him, my fangs ripped at his fur. He grabbed me by my neck and held me in the air with his paw. I couldn’t breathe, The Russian polar bear was choking me to death. I was kicking and clawing, flailing against the air, struggling to stay alive.

‘’Swirl…’’ The Russian started his victory speech, ‘’I am going to kill him then kill you so that you will never corrupt the mind of another man only to satisfy your crooked ambitions…’’ The Russian gripped my neck tighter then roared, ‘’Roarw!’’ The earth shook. I was dying. All for the love of Swirl.

I looked down and my eyes caught Swirl’s. Her eyes twirled a sad swirl. My energy!

‘’Grrr!’’ I growled louder than I ever had before. Then I became so hot that I glew a fire red and blew up like a rock star. ‘’Boom!’’

At my explosion into a million fiery pieces, the polar bear’s fur caught fire. ‘’Roawr!’’ He roared and spun out of control brushing the fire from his fur.

I reassembled in mid air. As soon as my tong attached, I blew a million fireballs at the Russian polar bear. Each ball of fire, sent a chunk of flesh and fur into the air. A million pieces of a polar bear.

I landed on all fours next to Swirl and she snuggled her white fur against my black fur. As we examined my work, I was stunned. I didn’t know I possessed the strength to cause so much destruction: piles of bricks, shattered glass, fire, polar bear fur, Russian flesh, and ice.

‘’You made me proud,’’ said Swirl. ‘’You did this all for me,’’ she was staring into my eyes. ‘’now I owe you some of me.’’

I was staring into her eyes, mesmerized by how they twirled. I was in love… deep love! Ready to make love to the love of my life. Swirl. ‘’Then we shall make love.’’ Swirl said, reading my mind precisely.

I blinked and in a wink we were in Cali. ‘’Why Cali?’’ I asked.

She just shrugged and laughed. I smiled. In between my lips was a stick of Cali bud. It was loud, so loud that I was lit. My eyes were blazing red and like a rock star I was high as hell.

We were under the Cali moon where the ocean kissed the mountains. Swirl was tracing swirls with her tung on my chest. She straddled me. Her breast and her eyes were aswirl. I never saw her so turned on before. She was dripping hot and wet all over my dick and I was yet to put it in. Her ice cream was ablaze. Her vanilla scent was ‘’Whew!’’ She was amazing.

Swirl eased down slow and easy on my dick. This was it. The greatest sex ever. Swirl found her groove, riding the dick, she bit my lip. I growled, ‘’Grrr!’’ and thrust up my hips. I was on the verge of howling at the moon. But, I couldn’t let her get it off like this. I flipped Swirl over on her back. I sucked on her nipple, she moaned a melody so pleasantly, ‘’Ooo la la la’’ like Teena Marie.

As our souls entwined, I stared into her eyes and I experienced every continent of the world. Sex with Swirl was out of this world. ‘’Grrr!’’ I growled, as I dug deeper and deeper.

Swirl dug her nails into my back deeper and deeper. I flipped her over on all fours and went harder and harder. I smacking her ass and it jiggled. ‘’Marry me.’’ I moaned, giving her all that I had.

Her climax was resplendent… sublime! She giggled, ‘’I finally had sex… and it was with you…’’

I blushed

‘’and it was the greatest feeling ever!’’ She snuggled against me.

Looking off into the night, the Cali moon was so bright, the way that the ocean crashed into the rocks was violent and peaceful… the perfect symmetry. What could be better than this? I thought.

‘’Egypt.’’ Said Swirl, looking into my eyes, reading my mind. ‘’That’s where we’ll be married, Egypt.’’

‘’Why Egypt?’’ I asked

‘’Because you wondered what could be better than this.’’ She laughed. ‘’The mother land is better and Egypt is the best.’’

‘’Back to the mother land.’’ I agreed. I was with it. Marry her in Egypt establish a life all over the world: kids and big cribs, cars, jewelry and wolf furs.

‘’Word.’’ Swirl agreed reading my thoughts.

Looking into her Swirls I was wondering how it was that a nigga like me could come across a woman who knew the tricks of the world. I was lucky.

‘’You’re so lucky…’’ She laughed. ‘’That’s what I’ll call you… Lucky Blaq.’’

I chuckled, ‘’I like that.’’ I was lucky to have lucked up on Swirl. And I was Blaq, geed up on my wolf shit. ‘’Grrr!’’ I was ready to be married in Egypt.

‘’Before Egypt let’s see Paris, so that I can speak to you in French,’’ She nibbled on my ear, ‘’then you can kill a Frenchman.’’

Damn more murder? I wondered.

‘’Yes one more murder,’’ she frowned, ‘’then we’ll be able to live peacefully.’’

Peacefully? That’s what I always wanted, peace, love, and happiness, and a wife with the beauty of Swirl. ‘’Fuck it!’’ I shrugged. What was one more murder to profess my love?

I closed my eyes and Swirl took me on a magic carpet ride. We flew red eye, just us two, Mediterranean express. Who would of knew that a nigga from a place like A.C., could bag a woman like Swirl. I professed my love with blood and she professed hers with her Swirl.

A dilly, a dally, and once again, me and Swirl spun the world. ‘’Where are we I asked?’’

‘’France,’’ She said. ‘’After you kill a Frenchman, I’ll romance you along the English channel… End the night…’’ She blew a kiss in the direction of my dick, ‘’with a French kiss.’’

Once in Paris, I black wolfed up. Instead of fur, leather hugged me tight. My fur was on the inside, leather gloves gripped my paws just right, my eyes were hidden behind Oakley shades, my jeans were all black, black ACG boots they were light, my entire apparel fit me tight. ‘’Grrr!’’ My fangs sparkled off of the Moon’s light. An all black Glock was on my hip. Why? I wondered.

‘’I thought it fit your look just right…’’ said Swirl, ‘’it looks cute… sexy Blaq.’’

Blaq, to Lucky Blaq, now I was sexy Blaq. My hair was no longer rough. Now my head dripped dreads.

Swirl brushed against me. Of course she was in all white. Her leather body suit gripped her tight, it looked as if it was painted on.

The Eiffel tower was the scenery. I looked around cautiously, wondering where was everybody?

‘’I cleared it out for you.’’

It was dark, empty, and cold. This was Paris deserted. Frightening! And it reeked. What kind of creature could inhibit this malodorous and desolate place? Whoever was here deserved to be killed! Where was he?

‘’There!’’ Said Swirl, pointing at a tree. And out jumped a man with the physical appearance of a skunk. He was dressed in all black, he rocked a stripe down his back, it was white. He stood a yay shorter than me. He was smooth… criminal like. His fragrance was Paris musk. It stunk!

‘’Swirl, I see that you went and got your self a wolf.’’ Said the Frenchman, looking me up and down.

‘’Grrr!’’ I growled, as my claws ripped through the gloves. I wondered what was his story, and how such a stinking being could be connected to Swirl?

‘’He’s a stinking motha fucka,’’ Said Swirl, ‘’He lied, cheated, stole, and dishonored me.’’

‘’Ha Ha Ha!’’ the skunk laughed. ‘’Black Wolf, I know that you’re to far gone and head over hills in love with Swirl… But she’s the snake itself.

I glanced at Swirl, her eyes were a fire swirl, her vanilla was cherry red, she looked as if she was ready to turn the world. I never saw her so angry before.’’

‘’Red… Her true colors…’’ continued the skunk ‘’They always show, peep the signs Black Wolf. If I were you, I would kill her before she snakes you.’’

‘’Grrr!’’ Kill Swirl? A suggestion that would earn him my fire. I was only awaiting Swirl’s word then I would turn him to ashes.

‘’Before Swirl signals you to ruin me…’’ Continued the skunk, ‘’I got a story to tell.’’

‘’Burn him!’’ Swirl commanded.

I shot a fireball out of my mouth in the direction of the skunk. But, the skunk vanished.

Aghast, ‘’Huh!’’ Swirl gasped. She looked around nervously, I looked around protectively. ‘’Where is he?’’ She wondered. ‘’I didn’t know he had the capability…’’

I looked at Swirl confused, she was supposed to know the secrets of the world. And, nothing was supposed to surprise her.

‘’Since you spun my world, I’ve learned a few tricks myself.’’ Said the skunk, seeming as if he was one with the air.
The skunk was hid but he couldn’t hide, I turned in the direction of his stench.

‘’You weren’t worth my pretty – you stinking skunk! ‘’ Swirl shouted into the ethereal.

‘’How dare you!’’ Said the skunk.

‘’Grrr!’’ I was ready to pounce, rip then burn a stinking Frenchman. Only if I could see him.

‘’Don’t listen to him!’’ Swirl Snapped.

I had no choice, the air was his voice. And I needed to hear his story.

‘’You found me in the club, spun me around the world, changed my composition. Then I murdered for you in China, Arabia, and everywhere that we swirled. I was ready to marry you in Egypt…’’

‘’Egypt?’’ My wolf ears perked up.

‘’Don’t listen to him, he’s a stinking skunk!’’ Swirl pleaded. Her red darkening by the second
My heart was breaking with each word that the skunk spoke.

‘’Then…’’ The skunk continued. ‘’You wanted me to murder one more time.’’ The skunk’s stench moved.

‘’Grrr!’’ I followed

‘’I asked you who and why? You gave me the who but you didn’t tell me the why. So when I denied professing my love by poisoning a Russian Bear… you snaked me.’’

The skunk reappeared, I blew a fireball at him. He vanished again. ‘’Grrr!’’ I was still on his scent.

Out the corner of my eye, I saw a slight slither of Swirl’s tung. It was sexy and scary all at once. Was Swirl capable of snaking me?

‘’I’ll never snake you.’’ Swirl said. Her eyes a fire swirl. She was mad. Her devilish red was as sexy as her French vanilla. Her red energy was summoning me to burn a Frenchman.

‘’Black Wolf.’’ The skunk from somewhere in the air spoke directly to me.

‘’Grrr!’’ I hated his scent, I hated his stripe, I hated that he experienced Swirl’s swirl.

‘’For her love you’ll have to murder for an eternity and beyond. And if you refuse to murder she’ll leave you stuck in a swirl.’’

Staring at the red beauty of Swirl, I wondered how far I would go for her swirl? To murder or not to murder.

‘’Grrr!’’ Fuck it. I was a murderer and for an eternity with Swirl, I would murder the world. And with that thought I blew a fireball into the dark.

‘’I warned you Black Wolf!’’ Said the skunk. He didn’t reappear.

‘’Who cares what he has to say…’’ Said Swirl. She wrapped her arms around my neck. She glanced over her shoulder, then into my eyes. ‘’We can’t go to Egypt until he dies…’’

Two Be Continued…….

Published by korymcclary1221

My name is Kory McClary, I am 34 years old. I am currently serving a lengthy sentence at the New Jersey State prison in Trenton, New Jersey. I am fighting for my freedom so that I may return to my family and loved ones. Yet, I know that it is a long, tough, and bitter battle to achieve that goal. But, with the grace of God Almighty, and for the sake of my family, I will fight on. I am using this blog as a medium to enhance my voice and to bring awareness to my unfair condition leading out of my unjust conviction. While spending almost all of my time in a cell, I chose to write so that I may voice the reality of my situation, because without awareness there can never be Justice...! To escape the harsh reality of prison, I use the pen to release my frustrations. I use the pen to manifest my imagination. And, most of all, I use the pen to Fight. I am fighting for my Life! Just by reading Kory McClary's Blog, you are giving my plight and my word's a voice. Thank you. Please, stay tuned...

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